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Bedbugs are also known as Cimex Lectularius. They’re ectoparasites that primarily feed on the blood of humans and pets. You can likely tell from the pest’s name that they’re going to hide in your bed. They prefer staying close to their food source so they’ll hide in your mattress. When the lights go out and you go to sleep, these bugs will come out of their hiding spots and feed on your blood.

Why Bedbugs Invaded

Have you ever wondered why bedbugs invaded your home? Well, there are plenty of reasons for them to do so. In some cases, these pests traveled from a nearby house. If you have a neighbor who has been dealing with a bedbug infestation, the pests may travel from their home to yours. In addition to this, staying at a dirty motel could lead to major issues. If the motel room has bedbugs, you’re going to end up taking them home with you. It is pertinent to take steps to prevent this from happening when traveling abroad.

You’ll also find that bedbugs invade homes due to the homeowner purchasing used items. If you’ve purchased used clothes or furniture, there is a risk that bedbugs were hiding in the items in question. If this is the case, you’re going to bring the bedbugs home with you. Once the infested furniture arrives, the bedbugs will spread out and hide in your mattress.

The Dangers Linked To Bedbugs

You’re likely worried about bedbugs being dangerous since they bite and suck blood. Are they dangerous? The good news is that they’re not. Bedbugs do not transmit dangerous diseases. If you’re bitten by a bedbug, you might develop a red welt, but you may not experience any symptoms whatsoever.

How To Eliminate Bedbugs Infestations

Before you can eliminate a bedbug infestation, you need to identify the problem, and that won’t be easy. Bedbugs are small and hide exceptionally well. Therefore, we recommend using our bedbug canine inspection services. With this service, you can confirm that you have an infestation much sooner. Once you’ve determined you have a problem, call us and use one of our bedbug extermination services. We can get rid of bedbugs using numerous techniques, including the following.


We recommend manual bedbug services when you need to quickly remove bedbugs from one or two rooms in your home. Although it works rapidly, it has a few cons. For instance, you’ll need to prepare extensively before our exterminator reaches your home. We can manually remove bedbugs from your home with or without chemicals.


Our heat treatments are highly recommended because they can quickly deal with heavy infestations in cluttered offices, homes, restaurants, and motels. Heat can eliminate bedbugs at all stages, including eggs and larvae. It only requires one visit to eliminate the entire infestation when using heat. You won’t need to prepare before we get there, and you can return home on the same day.

Do we use chemicals with our heat treatments? We may use Diatomaceous Earth, but this is safe natural dust.


Our fumigation services are best for removing bedbugs from large buildings. For instance, we recommend fumigation for eliminating bedbugs from motels, large office buildings, and big box stores. Before we can fumigate your property, you’ll need to prepare extensively. In addition to this, you will need to leave the property for 24 to 48 hours.

Our bedbug fumigation services use Vikane or Sulfuryl Fluoride to eliminate bedbugs.

Eliminating Bedbugs On My Own

You’ve likely thought about eliminating bedbugs on your own. Although it might be possible, it is generally not a good idea. You’ll experience many issues when attempting to tackle the issue without professional help. For instance, you might use dangerous pesticides or you might misuse them. Furthermore, these techniques might not be effective. The bedbugs may survive and continue ruining your life.

We Eliminate Bedbugs Safely

If you want to eliminate bedbugs in your home, you’ll want to do so safely and swiftly. We can help you do just that. We attempt to use natural products during the elimination process to guarantee that our clients and their loved ones are going to be protected every step of the way. We only implement the use of products that are registered with the EPA.

Costs Of Eliminating Bedbugs

You cannot ignore the problems created by bedbugs, but you don’t want to overspend either. How much do we charge for our services? Ultimately, the price depends on your home’s size and whether we can use the standard services.

Stopping Future Bedbug Infestations

Ultimately, you need to do everything you can to keep pests out of your home. Remember to be careful when staying at motels. Don’t forget to use precautions when purchasing used furniture because it could be infested.

When Can You Start?

Contact us and schedule an appointment today. We’ll contact you back in 24 to 48 hours.

Local Chicago Residents Need To Know About Our Bed Bug Control Options

Those residing in the Chicago area have probably encountered bedbugs at some point in time. In fact, it is hard not to turn on the news and hear a story about bed bug infestations somewhere. This might be troubling, but we are here to offer you the expert and affordable solutions that you need. Our bed bug control treatments are unlimited and we are equipped with the latest technologies to handle any issue that arises. This is just a few of the things that make our company great. Just look at what we have to offer and you will agree.

We Work Around Your Clock

Being a full time working parent is completely stressful and time consuming. Add a bed bug infestation on top of this and you will feel completely overwhelmed with the situation at hand. Well, this is where our team can come in handy. There is no need to rearrange your schedule to match ours. We have an abundance of highly trained techs standing by. This makes it possible for us to work alongside your schedule. We promise that we’ll be there when you need us.

Guaranteed Work

Every single job that we do is back with a guarantee and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If we do not completely eliminate the problem or you are not satisfied with our work, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation. This includes completely refunding your money. Of course, it is rare that we do not solve the issue the first time around, but we want our customers to know that this type of guarantee protects them and it is put in writing.

Other Reasons We Are Great

There are plenty of reasons that our company is greater than the rest. If you’re not convinced yet, you’ll want to check out the list of perks associated with us below.

  • Free quotes are available to all potential clients
  • Home inspections are offered
  • Same day services get your house bedbug free quicker
  • Versatile treatment options are available
  • Our team includes experienced and trained techs
  • Our team is available around the clock to rectify your issues

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Bedbugs are a serious problem and they can become overwhelming very rapidly. After all, they reproduce quickly. Before your bedbug infestation explodes, you need to get in touch with us. We can help put a stop to the bedbug infestation before these critters run you out of your home.

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