Best Benefits Of Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are a parasite, which means they feed on the blood of a host in order to survive and they are extremely hard to kill. Sofas, mattresses, box springs, carpet, and baseboards are all idea hiding spots for bed bugs. It has even been documented that these parasites have been found in small nail holes in the wall. However, most bed bugs like to stay within a few meters from their host, so that they can have easy access to feeding.

There are several different ways to treat a bed bug infestation, but success really depends on early detection and the correct treatment. For more information you can always check out Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Chicago.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment can take several different forms it really depends on what is being treated. Heat will kill these parasites, if the temperature is hot enough, but unfortunately there is no one solution for all of your infestation sites. Below you will learn a little bit more information about heat treatment for bed bugs.

Hot Box

A hot box is a big box that produces enough heat to eliminate bed bugs. You can place items like dry cleaning, shoes, blankets, bags, luggage, or even clothing into a hot box and it will eliminate bed bugs from these items. The heat box produces a heat that can penetrate the small crevices of the above-mentioned items. These small crevices would not be visible to the human eye.

It usually takes anywhere from 117 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate bed bugs. The walls of the heat box will produce a heat that is higher than these temperatures, in order to make sure that the bed bugs are eliminated in all their stages. It is important that you know some items can become damaged inside a heat box if they are placed too close to the walls. If a heat box is to be used indoors, you must supply the proper ventilation. It would be best to consult a professional such as Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Chicago.


Steam is also a form of heat that can eliminate bed bugs, eggs, and larvae. However, steam will penetrate some items deep enough to kill those hidden bed bugs. Steam will work best on items like bed frames, box springs, blankets or sheets, curtains, and pillows. The steam will not cause any damage to these items.


A dryer can even eliminate bed bugs. However, you should keep in mind that there are some items that cannot be ran through a dryer cycle. It is recommended that you run the items through the dryer on high for around 20 minutes. You should also keep your freshly dried items away from the infestation site.

A washer with hot soapy water can even eliminate bed bugs, but once again there are some items that cannot be washed.


As you can see there are several different heat treatments that will kill bed bugs. However, you should keep in mind that trying to eliminate bed bugs on your own can be a very difficult task.

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