Eliminating Bed Bugs: Hiring Bed Bug Control Experts

Bed bugs are parasites and they like to feed on the blood of their host. Over the years bed bugs have developed a bad reputation for causing diseases, but none of this has even been proven in a lab. However, this does not mean that bed bugs are not irritating and cause skin conditions. Bed bugs are very hard to detect, because they like to hide in the smallest of places and they only feed during the late night hours. Their bites are virtually painless, but can show up the next morning.

Bed Bug Bite

Bed bug bites can itch and if you scratch them they will become worse. On the other hand some people can suffer from complex skin issues due to the bites and if a bite area becomes infected, it could lead to a severe skin infection. The most effective way to eliminate a bed bug infestation is by hiring a professional company like Bed Bug Control in Chicago, but how do you know if you are hiring the right company? Below you will find some information that will help you choose a company.

Find a Pest Control Company

There are several different ways that you can go about looking for a company. One of the most common ways is by looking under the yellow pages in the phone book. You will simply open the book and look under pest control or extermination services.

You could also speak with your friends and family. It is possible that they have suffered from bed bugs before and they might be able to give you a recommendation. Be sure to ask them if they were pleased with the service they received.

Another great option that you have available to you is the National Pest Management Association website. This is website that will list local exterminators in your area. This is of course if the company has signed up with the association. More than likely if a company has signed up they are going to have a good reputation.

Questions You Should Ask

You should always schedule an interview with the company, before you decide to hire them or at the very least speak with them on the phone. Below you will find some questions that you should ask the company you are considering hiring.

First and most important thing you want to ask them if they are licensed and have liability insurance coverage. Keep in mind that there are some states that may not require a license in order to perform extermination tasks.

Look For Guarantees

Since bed bug infestations are nearly impossible to eliminate, it is important to hire an extermination company that offers a 100% guarantee. If you do not receive this promise, you may end up giving your money to a snake oil salesman. Bed bugs are so tiny that it is nearly impossible to see them, so it will be much harder to annihilate them all, which is another reason why this guarantee is absolutely necessary.

Customer Reviews

When you find a bed bug control company in Chicago that looks appealing and considering hiring them, you should check out the previous and current customer reviews. These reviews and comments have been left by genuine customers that have used the company’s service previously.

Take the time to read them all, so you can see how well the company performed for each individual. You may some negative comments, but this is not always to say that the company will be a bad choice for you, only that they did not do this person justice. Use your common sense, because some individuals are never happy with any service that they receive.

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