Finding The Bed Bug Exterminator For You Now

Over the years, bed bugs have become much more common in houses, apartments and hotels throughout the country. These bugs might not be deadly or life threatening, but they can be annoying and can cause you to lose a lot of sleep at night! As soon as you have confirmed their presence, it is absolutely vital to take action to clean your dwelling of these critters. Below, you will learn everything you need to know to find the best Chicago bed bug exterminator.

Step 1 – Perform Your Search

First and foremost, it is absolutely vital to perform a thorough search. Using the Internet, scouring through your phonebook and speaking to your friends and family members will help you find all of the exterminators in your area. During this process, you should make sure to collect the information for four or five different organizations.

Step 2 – Check The BBB

After you’ve obtained the information for several exterminators in your area, you will want to check their statuses with the Better Business Bureau. If you find that one of these companies isn’t listed with the BBB, you should immediately strike them from your list. Also, you might as well go ahead and remove companies, which have accumulated a large number of negative complaints. These companies are most likely not worth your time.

Step 3 – Background Research

Once you’ve completed your BBB search, you will likely have a smaller list of exterminators. In order to discover the best Chicago bed bug exterminator, you will need to perform a little background research on the companies remaining on your list. Going online and searching for customer reviews and testimonials for each of these companies is absolutely vital! This will allow you to learn how these companies treated their previous clients.

If you find a company that has a lot of negative online reviews, you may very well want to remove it from your list. Only do business with companies, which have built a good reputation over the years! If a previous customer wasn’t satisfied, it is likely that you won’t be either!

Step 4 – Place The Call

At this point, you should have one or two companies remaining on your list. In order to learn more about these entities, it is absolutely essential to pick up the phone and call each of them. You can learn an immense amount of information, with a quick phone call. Be sure to formulate a list of questions, before picking up the phone. Below, you will find some of the things to cover.

• Ask about the company’s licensure
• Question about the company’s relationship with the community
• Ask for a quote and inquire about hidden fees
• Learn about the company’s history and operational hours

Also, you should make sure to get a better understanding of the representative’s demeanor and attitude. Make sure that you appreciate the employee’s attitude, before agreeing to do business with the company.


At the end of the day, you should take your time and utilize the information above. By doing so, you will be able to scour through the market and find the very best option for your particular situation.

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