Tips On How To Locate A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator In Chicago

It is important to everyone to feel comfortable and safe in your own home. Well there are some unfortunate situations that will disrupt your everyday life and scheduled routine. Bed bugs can become a problematic issue, since they love to invade a host’s home. These tiny critters can overrun your entire home, before you are even aware of their existence. If you have just recently returned from a vacation resort, you may have brought these friendly little parasites home with you.

Hiding Spots

Bedbugs prefer warm dark hiding spots, because it makes it more difficult for the homeowner to detect their presence. In this case, it is possible that your entire home will be overtaken by these critters and it will be too late to try and tackle the infestation on your own. If you are unfamiliar with bedbugs, then you will need to hire a professional Bed Bug Exterminator in Chicago.

A professional exterminator will know exactly where the bedbugs are hiding. Mattresses, small crevices, dressers, bed frames, and headboards are the most favorable hiding spots.

Where to Look

The best place to find extermination companies in your vicinity is the Internet. You will find many websites that offer a wide variety of search options that will help you locate a professional exterminator, in a short period of time.

If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, you should grab your local phone book. Some extermination companies will offer a coupon to customers that find them in the yellow pages. Make sure that you take the time to request discounts, because many companies are more willing to offer them, just to pull in new customers.

The newspaper is the next best option, since many companies prefer to market their brand this way. You may also find a hefty coupon in your local newspaper, so be sure to take advantage of these great savings.

Call up your friends, co-workers, and family members to see if they have ever hired an exterminator. If so, you will be in luck, because these recommendations will make your job so much easier.

What to Expect

Once you place a call to the extermination company, a representative will set you up for an initial inspection. Many companies will not charge for this type of service, because it helps them and the customer choose the best treatment plan. This is also a great opportunity for the homeowner to ask any questions that they may have about bedbugs. Test the exterminator to find out the level of knowledge that he has on these pesky parasites.

Treatment Options

Most companies will offer several different types of treatment options including pesticides, insecticides, and heat. You will need to select one that suits your financial budget, because these services can have a hefty price tag and that is why you should take advantage of the coupon. Once you select a treatment option, it will be time to complete the bedbug treatment process.

The crew will enter your home and treat the infestation in a timely manner, whereas if you tackled the problem yourself, it may take weeks or months. Bedbugs can definitely intrude on one’s life, so it is crucial that the infestation is eliminated, so you can return to your normal routine, as soon as possible.


Another great tip that always comes in handy, when choosing the best exterminator is reading customer reviews and ratings. Many individuals are more than happy to leave a high or low rating for service providers, because they understand how helpful they genuinely are to others. Remember the faster that you can eradicate these bugs, the faster you can return to your normal life.

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