Top Things To Know Before Hiring Bed Bugs Exterminator

There are many households all around the world that have been impacted by bed bugs! These critters can be extremely annoying and can turn your sanctuary into a torture room. In order to take your home back into your hands, it is absolutely vital to eliminate those pesky creatures. Before attempting to proceed ahead, there are a number of things that should be done. Below, you will learn about these essential steps.

Make Sure You Actually Have A Problem

Before actually making contact with a bed bugs exterminator Chicago, it is vital to confirm the presence of bed bugs. If you wake up in the morning and discover tiny little bites on your body, your house may very well be infested. Of course, there are many other signs to look for. Below, you will be able to discover some of the most obvious sings of a bed bug infestation.


  • Look for bites – Check your body for welts. Bed bug bites will look like small groups of welts. They’ll be red and will itch terribly.
  • Check your sheets – Take the time to check your bed sheets. There are several things to look for, including red blood spots and black excrement marks. Both can help to confirm the presence of bed bugs.
  • Lay out a trap – If you want to absolutely confirm the presence of bed bugs, you should consider setting up a trap. Using double-sided carpet tape can help you capture these critters.

You should not do anything, until you’ve actually confirmed that you do indeed have bed bugs.

Your Options

 When attempting to clean your home of bed bugs, you will have several different options available to you. First, you might want to consider taking action on your own. There are several home remedies, which might be effective for eliminating bed bugs. Unfortunately, these practices aren’t always reliable. Also, hiring a bed bugs exterminator in Chicago is a much more definite solution. Of course, a professional will require more money.

You should also know that exterminators have two different techniques for eliminating bed bugs. Some will utilize heat, while others will opt for chemical sprays. Thermal Remediation is entirely safe and can be completed in a single day! One of the biggest benefits of Thermal Remediation is the fact that you won’t need to clear out your home. This makes the process tremendously easier.

Pesticides are also an option, but this method will require multiple visits. When compared to the heat method, pesticides are a little less effective.

Understand The Process

 Before setting up a scheduled extermination of your home, it is absolutely vital to speak with your exterminator of choice. Make sure that you ask questions and go over the entirety of the cleaning process. By doing this, you will be much better prepared and will be able to get ready, in case you are forced out of the home for the day.


Overall, clearing the bed bugs from your house is the most important action that could ever be taken! However, before you do this, you should take the time to learn about the entire process. The information above can help guide you in the right direction.

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