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Professional Beetle Control – Extermination, And Prevention!

The beetle is a small pest that fits two insect classifications – pantry pest and overwintering. As a member of the Coleoptera order, the beetle species are in the hundreds of thousands. Scientists claim to have identified more than 350,000 species of beetles, which make up approximately 40 percent of the known insect species in the world.

In Chicago, the top three sightings include the longhorn, ground, and powder post beetles. All of these species of beetles have unique physical characteristics that make them easier to identify.

Why Are Beetle Species Invading My Chicago Home?

It is unfortunate to be targeted by beetles. Thousands of homes across Illinois report beetle infiltration each year. Why are these homes targeted and not others? Well, it basically has to do with the home’s pest barrier. A pest barrier is similar to a human intruder barrier, as it is comprised of doors, windows, walls, ceilings, siding, and floors. All of these components work together to keep beetles at bay.

Homes with vulnerable pest barriers are at a higher risk of beetle infiltration than others. In their natural habitat, the beetle is drawn to decaying firewood, lumber, fence posts, decks, and porches. Many beetle species bore small holes in rotting wood to build their nests.

Do Beetles Carry Diseases And Parasites?

No, beetles do not transmit diseases or parasites. However, insect species have been associated with foodborne illnesses. As a pantry pest, the beetle invades pantries, kitchen cabinets, cubbyholes, and other areas where non-refrigerated food is stored. The insect utilizes its powerful mandibles to gnaw through vulnerable food packagings, such as paperboard and thin plastic bags.

It is crucial to dispose of contaminated food to avoid foodborne illnesses.

Does DIY Pest Control Fight Against Beetle Infestations?

Beetles are social insects, meaning they live in colonies. When a colony is involved, insect problems become infestations when pest control intervention is not initiated. Beetle infestations require extreme pest control measures, such as industrial-grade pesticides, traps, and routine inspections.

Can I Schedule A Beetle Inspection To Take Place When I Am Home?

Of course, we let our clients schedule their appointments at their earliest convenience. We work extended schedules to ensure access to our professional pest management to all Chicago residents seven days a day. However, we suggest a 24- to 48-hour advance notice for processing.

Do Beetle Insecticides Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Conventional insecticides and pesticides do contain ingredients that pose some environmental risks. But, with the help of manufacturers and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Chicago exterminators can safely treat beetle infestations in all phases of the life cycle.

We have combined forces with EPA-approved brands to protect our clients and their family and assets from exposure to potentially harmful ingredients found in some pesticide formulas. We also offer a selection of environmental-friendly pest control products and techniques. Please feel free to inquire about these services by contacting our local Chicago office.

Should I Be Concerned About Unexpected Pest Control Fees?

No, when we write a pest control quote or estimate, you can guarantee it will not increase within the next few weeks. As pest control products are continuously changing, we are forced to adjust our prices occasionally. To avoid any potential increases, we suggest putting the service to use no later than two weeks after the initial quote request.

What Is The Best Pest Management Prevention For Beetle Infestations?

A customized pest management strategy is by far better than the traditional alternative. Customized plans are specific for the beetle infestation, depending on severity, size of the home, and the client’s preference and needs. We strive to deliver affordable, but effective extermination services across the industry.

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