Heat Treatment

Info About Our Heat Treatments For Bed Bugs In The Chicago Area

 The bedbug problem has been a real roller coaster for those in the Chicago area. At one point, it was thought that they would no longer be a problem for these individuals. Now, consumers realize that this isn’t the case. They’re worse than they were many years ago. This is why you need to consider taking advantage of our thermal heat treatments if you are dealing with an infestation. Not only are our treatments affordable, but also they can eliminate your entire infestation in a single day. However, this is just the tip of what heat treatments can do for you.

Why Choose Our Heat Treatment In Chicago?

 Sure, there are a variety of affordable treatment options available when it comes to dealing with bed bugs. However, there really aren’t any of them quite as effective as thermal heat treatments. This is why we specifically went out and invested in the equipment to perform these types of treatment options. Our heat treatment will safely remove bed bugs quickly and efficiently. We can guarantee that we will rid your entire home or business of bed bugs in just one just one day. There really aren’t many companies out there willing to make this kind of guarantee.

How It Actually Works

 The technology and equipment associated with heat treatments might be complex. Nevertheless, we can explain it to you very simply. The truth of the matter is that bedbugs are vulnerable to a few things with heat being at the top of the list. If they’re able to escape from extreme heat, they’re going to die. It is really that simple. It is almost impossible for bedbugs to escape the heat and survive. We’ll make sure of that!

Proven Effectiveness

Our company has been using heat machines to kill bedbugs for many, many years. We know for certain that this treatment is one of the best. Our previous clients will agree with us on this one. Nevertheless, there is a very slim chance that a bedbug or two might be able to escape and survive when our technicians use their heat machines. Your home may have holes, cracks or crevices. These flaws may give the bedbug an escape route. If the happens, the bedbug will survive and they could return in the future.

Our team will take steps to seal these holes ahead of the treatment to ensure that this does not happen. We also visit our clients in the future to guarantee that the bedbugs are gone completely.