Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can create numerous problems for homeowners and renters. They can enter your home n the blink of an eye, and getting rid of them won’t be easy. Still, numerous techniques can be used to reduce the bedbug population in your home. Using a bedbug mattress cover is a good start.

Bedbugs Live In Your Mattress

When bedbugs invade your home, 90% of the population will hide in or near your mattress and box springs. If you’re not using a mattress cover, you’re leaving the door open for these pests. You need to go above and beyond to trap and eliminate bedbugs in your home. Although there are numerous elimination techniques, mattress covers work exceptionally well. Although the cover won’t eliminate the entire infestation, it will make a difference

More About Bed Bug Mattress Protectors

You need to learn more about bedbug mattress protectors. What are they? How do they help? Mattress protectors are pieces of fabric designed to cover the mattress. It will have a zipper that will ensure that the mattress cover cannot be removed easily. Once the mattress protector is strapped onto the mattress, it will trap bedbugs inside. They will not be able to escape, and other bedbugs will not be able to invade the mattress. Research shows that bedbugs trapped by covers will generally die in two weeks.

How To Select A Bedbug Mattress Cover

The market is overflowing with mattress covers, so you need to make sure that your money is spent wisely. To solve issues, you need to make sure that you’re buying the best cover. Use the tips below.

Full Encasement

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you’re purchasing a full bedbug mattress encasement. Some of these products only cover a small portion of the mattress. Although they’ll help, they’re not as effective as a full encasement. To guarantee satisfactory results, choose a mattress cover that fully covers the entire mattress.

Sealed Correctly

You’ll also need to make sure that the mattress cover will properly seal. Some of these products are not durable enough. They will rip and tear easily. Others have bad zippers that will break easily. If you experience any of these problems, the mattress cover will no longer work as intended. The bedbugs in your home will be able to slip through the tears. Choose a high-quality mattress cover made with durable materials and reinforced seams. Also, make sure that the zipper is tough and durable.

Always Tested

You want to spend your money on great products. With that being said, you should choose an extensively tested bedbug mattress cover. The one you pick should have been tested and certified by licensed entomologists.

No Toxins

You’re going to be sleeping near the mattress cover, so you want to avoid dangerous toxins. Chemical treatments can help kill some of the bedbugs, but it is too dangerous. Choose a toxin-free mattress cover to keep yourself safe. Never use bedbug mattress covers that contain toxic materials.

Defending Your Home With A Bedbug Mattress Encasement

Should you purchase and use a bed bug mattress encasement? These products are helpful, but they’re not the ultimate solution. They’re not going to eliminate an entire bedbug infestation. In addition to this, some bedbug mattress covers are not durable so they’re going to rip and tear easily. If this happens, they’ll no longer be effective at all. Even if you use a mattress protector, more bedbugs could be living on your bed frame or your carpet. You’ll need to work with a qualified exterminator to eliminate the problem in its entirety. You can schedule an appointment with us today.

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