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Professional Flea Extermination In Chicago – Inspection, Consultation, And Pest Management

It is unfortunate when non-pet owners believe their properties are 100 percent protected from the most notorious insect species. The flea is one insect that does not have a preference when it comes to victims. While the flea is drawn to the canine or feline, a human will suffice when the options are limited. So, your property is at risk of a flea infestation like your neighbor’s pet-occupied home.j

In Chicago, the most common flea sighting involves the cat flea “Ctenocephalides felis.” Here, we have a flea species that appears to only target felines or cats, but this could not be further than the truth. The cat flea has been shown to target all kinds of animal species, including the raccoon, opossum, deer, and squirrel.

What Kind Of Flea Infestation Am I Dealing With In Chicago?

There are thousands of flea species, many of which can be found in Chicago and other cities in the Great Lakes. The adult grows up to one-eighth of an inch in length, with a flat dark brownish/reddish body that can maneuver around fur follicles with a breeze. The flea species has powerful jumping capabilities that allow them to escape detection and capture.

The flea can jump horizontally and vertically, which makes them extremely difficult to remove from animal fur. The insect travels from place to place by taking advantage of unsuspecting humans and animals. They will jump onto and cling to clothes, fur, shoes, handbags, backpacks, and other articles of clothing to get from point A to point B with little to no effort. Before you know, your home is infested by these tiny critters, regardless if you call yourself a pet owner or not.

Physical Characteristics Of A Flea Bite – What You Should Know

The flea bite is really not that much different than other insect species. The onset of symptoms is generally a pinpoint-sized red spot. Every human and animal reacts differently to flea bites. One may experience a mild allergic reaction while others are left dealing with flea allergy dermatitis, a condition characterized by moderate itching, scratching, redness, and edema, with or without pustules.

What Can I Do To Keep My Home Flea-Free When Neighbors Are Dealing With Infestations?

A flea infestation can break out in an entire neighborhood. The cause could be a tame or wild animal. It is unfortunate for everyone involved, especially in severe infestations. Hardly any home in the neighborhood will be 100 percent safe, but it is possible to minimize your risks by heeding the tips provided in the content below.

  • Do not adopt a pet until you are fully ready to take on the responsibility.
  • Develop an anti-parasite treatment for your cats and/or dogs. Parasitic flea and tick medications are available via prescription and over-the-counter at pet and retail stores.
  • Routinely mow the lawn to fight against humidity buildup on the ground floor. Grass should not be permitted to grow taller than three inches in height.
  • Post “Do Not Feed The Wildlife” signs all over your property to discourage household members and neighbors from feeding flea-targeted wild animals like the deer, squirrel, fox, coyote, and opossum.
  • Install metal barriers around low porches, decks, sheds, and exterior garages to keep wildlife out.
  • Develop a visual inspection regimen for your home, especially your pet’s living quarters.
  • Routinely laundry your pet’s bedding utilizing the maximum temperature setting for at least 15 minutes each.
  • Routinely vacuum home to remove potential flea eggs, larvae, and “flea dirt.”

When your home is surrounded by flea-infested properties, the challenges of not becoming victimized grows by the day. Monitor your dogs and cats at all times. Do not allow them to run freely without human supervision. Inspect their coat carefully before and after walks and other outdoor excursions. Fleas are diligent insects that refuse to give up on finding a new host.

If you believe your home is being targeted by fleas do not hesitate to reach out to our Chicago extermination team. We have decades of combined flea pest management experience and skills. Our free visual inspection will help determine if your home is already infested. Following the inspection, the exterminator will provide you with important details that will ensure you make the right pest management strategy decision.

Why Our Flea Control Services Are Top Of The Line

 Fleas might be one of the smallest insects that you will find in the Chicago area, but they are far from the least amount of trouble. They will attack your pet and make his life miserable. If the situation is not rectified it could eventually lead to the death of your pet. This might be rare, but it is something that has happened before. Flea control isn’t as simple as most people think You need to go well beyond the shampoos and collars. While these things will help, they’re not the definite solution that you are after!

Our Guarantee

Getting rid of fleas can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, our company strongly believes that we’ve mastered it. We are confident that we’ll be able to get rid of the fleas for you. If we fail in our quest, we have put measures in place to protect the client. We guarantee that we’ll remedy the problem no matter what or how long it takes. We’ll treat the house multiple times if necessary! Either way, we’re not going to call it quits until the client is completely satisfied with our work.

You’re Protected

Our company has many priorities. One of the most important is ensuring the client’s safety from start to finish. We actually protect you in numerous ways. The aforementioned guarantee is just one way. We also have comprehensive insurance that will pay you in the event of physical harm or property damage. Our techs are trained, background checked and drug tested. We believe that this allows us to assemble the best team possible. And, we think that it’ll allow us to serve you much better.

Need More Proof?

We’ve worked our entire lives to ensure that we have the right to call ourselves the best flea control service provider in Chicago. We’re confident that we’ve earned that moniker.

  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee and won’t quit early
  • Our prices are right on target and our services are a great value
  • We know how to protect you and your pet
  • We’ll remove the fleas from your property to prevent future problems
  • We’ll consult with you and accept any instructions you offer
  • Free quotes and references are always available to you

Our Team Is Here For You

 Don’t let your flea infestation become unbearable. We are here to offer the professional services and advice that you need. We are willing to offer Chicago residents all this for a completely affordable rate.

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