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Professional Occasional Invader Pest Control In Chicago – Inspection, Consultation, And Treatments

Occasional invaders are just as their name entails, they occasionally invade buildings – residential, commercial, and industrial. The insect species that belong to this classification do not reproduce after infiltration, making infestations less common. However, an occasional invader infestation is a possibility, especially when the problem is overlooked. Occasional invaders do not transmit diseases to humans or animals but may cause foodborne illnesses due to contaminated non-refrigerated food products.

Insect species that meet the occasional invader classification include the following:

Why Is My Chicago Home Under Attack By Occasional Invaders?

Occasional invaders find themselves infiltrating buildings accidentally and intentionally. The good news, the insects do not plan on overstaying their welcome. In fact, most of the occasional invader pests infiltrate homes in late fall and exit as soon as the weather begins to warm outdoors. Some victims may not be aware of the infiltration until the insects emerge from their hiding places. When the ambient temperature reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, the occasional invader may emerge from its hiding place under the impression winter is over.

Do Occasional Invaders Transmit Diseases And Parasites?

As mentioned previously, occasional invader pests do not carry diseases or parasites. These insects may be associated with foodborne illnesses due to contaminated food and surfaces utilized for food preparation.

What Pest Management Strategy Is More Effective For Occasional Invader Infestations?

There is no one pest management strategy that will offer 100 percent effectiveness for all occasional invader cases. We believe a custom professional pest control strategy is the solution for occasional invader infestations of all severity levels. Our professional-grade pesticides and insecticides exterminate ladybugs in all phases of the life cycle.

When Will The Chicago Exterminator Be Available To Perform My Occasional Invader


We need at least 24 hours to process your occasional invader inspection request. In most cases, we can process a service request no later than 48 hours. We strive to deliver a quick response to all service requests because we understand what it means to be victimized by occasional invader pests.

Does Occasional Invader Pest Control Treatment Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Chemical-based pest control treatments do contain ingredients that may pose a health risk to humans and the environment. To minimize these risks, we have joined forces with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and pesticide manufacturers. Our goal is to protect the environment and humans when utilizing chemical pesticides and insecticides.

We never treat a property as long as it is occupied because the risks are just too high. Please feel free to inquire about our EPA-approved pest control products and treatments.

Tips To Prevent Occasional Invader Infestations In Chicago.

Occasional invader pests are diligent when it comes to spending the winter indoors where it is warm and safe.

  • Know occasional invader activity is at its highest in late fall
  • Develop a doable household waste disposal system
  • Utilize a waterproof sealant – silicone, and caulk – to fill in all access points
  • Repair or replace leaky pipes and faucets
  • Improve ventilation in high-humidity areas like the basement, crawlspace, and bathroom
  • Develop a routine of inspecting supermarket bags immediately after bringing them into your home. Occasional invader pests travel from point A to point b via grocery and food packages

We offer free visual pest inspections and consultations per request only. We need at least 24 hours to process service requests. To avoid any unnecessary delays, submit your request as soon as possible to our local office.

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