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Our Chicago Ant Pest Management – Extermination, Inspection, And Consultations

Ants can be found just about anywhere outdoors. They are a nuisance at picnics, barbecues, cookouts, and other outdoor activities. There probably is not one Chicago resident who can honestly admit to never encountering an ant. Unless you completely ignore your surroundings, you have experienced at least one ant encounter during your lifetime.

The ant is a member of the Formicidae family, which consists of over 12,000 insect species. The identifying physical characteristics include a tri-segmented body held together by tiny joints, powerful mandibles, solid black, reddish/brown, or dark brown coloration, and six legs.

Why Ants Target Some Chicago Homes And Not Others?

There is no rhyme or reason to it, right? This could not be further from the truth, as ants are open to targeting every home in a residential community. While all homes are under an ant threat year-round, only a few homes will have access points. Tiny gaps, holes, crevices, and cracks are just large enough to offer temporary access into commercial, government, industrial, and residential buildings.

Homes with access points around doors, windows, damaged soffit, utility lines, missing siding are utilized by ants and other insect species to invade buildings. If your Chicago home is infested with ants, you can contribute it to one of the aforementioned access points.

Do Ants Pose A Health Risk To Older Chicagoans?

Yes and no, as ants do not transmit diseases or parasites, they have been linked to foodborne illnesses due to contaminated food and water sources. How does this work? Ants travel through contaminated materials, carrying it back to their food source is just one example. Another example, ants ingest contaminated materials that are later evacuated from the ant’s body through fecal matter. The fecal matter is eventually deposited on surfaces utilized in food preparation, food products, and drinking cups, resulting in foodborne illnesses.

Is It Possible To Fully Exterminate A Large Ant Infestation?

Yes, with a lot of manpower, patience, time, and our professional pest control, you can fully eradicate your ant infestation, regardless of severity. Ant infestations are one of the most difficult pest problems because it entails two separate colonies. When ants branch off of a larger colony, they become known as a “satellite colony.” The satellite colony is generally only comprised of a few, no more than a dozen ants.

Professional pest control combines routine visual in-home inspections, a customized treatment plan, and a prevention strategy. Our customized pest control treatments for ant infestations generally include pesticides, traps, or eco-friendly treatments

Will My Homemade Pest Control Reduce The Ant Population In Chicago?

It is extremely rare for homemade pest control to Impact an ant infestation. This basically means homemade pesticides or insecticides will little to no impact on Chicago’s ant population. Fortunately, you have a  more effective alternative – professional pest management.

Homemade ant insecticide spray made of Diatomaceous Earth or neem oil will do nothing to eradicate a full-blown ant infestation. However, these natural remedies may help decrease the city’s ant population.

When Can I Expect The Licensed Exterminator Or Certified Technician To Be Available For The Ant Inspection?

We can process your ant inspection service request within one to two business days. Please feel free to contact our local Chicago exterminators to learn more about our service request process. We let our clients choose the appointment date, which we do our best to accommodate.

Will Ant Pest Control Treatment Put My Health At Risk?

No, we never initiate a pest control treatment in an occupied home. We request the household members to evacuate several hours before the scheduled appointment and not return for at least four hours following the treatment. If you believe your ant problem is an emergency, do not hesitate to bring this to our attention. We offer emergency pest control services specifically to clients like yourself who are dealing with a risky ant infestation.

To further minimize the risks associated with pesticides and insecticides, we only team up with brands that have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is a federal government agency responsible for pesticide oversight in Illinois and all US states.

EPA-pest control is safe when the handler heeds the EPA guidelines and manufacturer’s recommendations. Our exterminators and pest control technicians have undergone hours of extensive training to ensure our client’s safety.

What Is The Best Pest Management Strategy For Ant Prevention?

A pest control prevention strategy is not always enough to avoid a repeat ant infestation. We believe pest control should be combined with a few regimen changes, such as improved household waste disposal. We also recommend a non-refrigerated food storage system utilizing glass and BPA-free plastic containers with lids.

There are so many things you can do to protect your family and home from another ant infestation. We recommend tackling your home’s vulnerable pest barrier by sealing all gaps and cracks that could be utilized by ants to invade your home.

All Chicago Residents Should Take Advantage Of Our Ant Control Services

 Living in the Chicago area is truly exciting and great, but it does put you at the mercy of many pests and insects. One such insect is the ant. While these pests may appear completely harmless, they can multiple into large colonies. And, this is not to even mention the fact that they get in your food and leave bacterium everywhere. While these bacteria are considered harmless to healthy individuals, they can pose problems for people with autoimmune diseases and cancers. Reducing these risks will require the help of our well-qualified team of exterminators and technicians.

We Can identify The Species

 Most homeowners are unsuccessful at ant control, because they think they can eradicate the problem with over-the-counter products, such as pesticides. Unfortunately, these products are not effective in eradicating large colonies of ants. If you want to remove the ants from your home once and for all, you need to first identify the species. Not all species are created the same and some will take special methods to eliminate. This is where our technicians can come in handy, as they possess the skills and knowledge to identify all types of ant species. Don’t waste your time and money with ineffective DIY treatment plans.

Same Day Service

 We are here to make our customer’s lives easier. When you are dealing with an ant infestation you probably want it gone as quickly as possible. This is why we offer all residents in the Chicago area same-day service. Sure, there are times during the busy season when it might take us a few hours to reach you, but we will get to you that very same day.

More Reasons To Take Advantage Of Our Services

As one of the top Chicago extermination companies, our team is comprised of licensed exterminators, certified technicians, qualified customer service representatives and senior staff members.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • We support the local economy and community
  • Out techs are required to undergo continuing education classes
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We offer same-day service
  • We are available around the clock
  • We work on your time
  • Eco-friendly treatment options

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 Ants are not as harmless as they might seem. But, DIY options may be a waste of time and money, especially when dealing with severe cases. If you detect ants in your home, be sure to contact our office immediately. You will be met with a friendly voice that will instantly connect you with a licensed exterminator.

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