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Professional Earwig Pest Management In Chicago – Inspection, And Consultation!

A member of the Dermaptera order, earwig, is a disturbing discovery in a home setting. As a homeowner, you know the damage pest infestations can cause. If not very careful, this sighting could turn into an infestation within a few weeks. The physical characteristics of an earwig are similar to those of a centipede. Their tiny elongated body and three sets of legs make the insect look as if it is crawling on the ground like a centipede. The biggest difference between these two insect species is the number of legs. As previously mentioned, the earwig has three sets of legs, the centipede, on the other hand, has at least 15 sets of legs. And, some centipede species have up to 77 sets of legs. Both are disturbing-looking critters that no one wants to share their living space.

The largest Dermaptera member identified by scientists is the Saint Helena Giant, which grows up to three inches long. More than 900 members of the Dermaptera family have been identified by scientists to date.

Why Are Earwigs Taking Over My Chicago Home?

The earwig utilizes its “cerci” to gnaw through damaged building structures to access houses, commercial buildings, government entities, and public facilities like libraries and schools. Fortunately, the earwig’s cerci are too weak to induce too much damage on you or your property. These nocturnal insects infiltrate human living and workspaces to avoid spending the harsh winter outdoors. This behavior begins around the end of fall, continuing until the onset of the winter season.

Earwigs are only one-third of an inch long, allowing them to infiltrate homes through the tiniest exterior-to-interior crevice, gap, or hole. If your home is infested with these tiny critters, you can contribute it to a weak pest barrier, which consists of doors, walls, siding, roofing, flooring, and windows, The same components that are responsible for the occupant’s safety during home invasion attempts.

Do Earwigs Transmit Diseases To Children And Dogs?

The earwig does not carry diseases or parasites for that matter. However, they can be a danger to house plants. The good news, there is no need to be concerned about the insect’s cerci because they are not powerful enough to penetrate a child or pet’s skin.

The earwig does not bite and if it did, there is no venom to cause an allergic reaction.

What Is The Best Pest Management Approach To Exterminate Earwigs?

Earwig infestations are complex because the insect does its roaming at night while the home’s occupants are sleeping. This makes it extremely impossible to catch the insect in action. With this said, it could be weeks or months for the earwig to be discovered by one of the household members. Do not expect the encounters to be a lovely sight because it will be the exact opposite. In this sense, the earwig is no different than the spider. No one wants them infiltrating their personal space, but it is bound to happen at least once.

We suggest transitioning from mercury or neon vapor lighting to less attractive sodium vapor yellow lighting. This will help make the exterior of your home less appealing to the earwig. It is also important to address your home’s vulnerable pest barrier. Utilizing a waterproof sealant – caulk or silicone – fill in any opening that could be utilized by these insects and others to gain entrance into your home.

When Will The Licensed Exterminator Be Available To Inspect My Chicago Home For Earwigs?

Generally, our customer support team needs at least 24 hours, no more than 48 hours, to process earwig inspection requests. We strive to deliver quick responses to all service requests. You can rest assured, our exterminators will be fully prepared to take on your earwig infestation after your service request is processed.

Should I Worry About Pesticide Exposure Inside My Chicago Home?

With nearly every TV channel continuously running public ads about the dangers of pesticide exposure, it is only natural to be concerned. We have joined forces with the top brands and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to minimize the risk of pesticide exposure for humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

EPA-approved pesticides and insecticides are safe as long as the handler follows the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee. In addition to the manufacturer’s recommendations, our exterminators are required by law to heed the EPA pesticide guidelines.

What Is The Best Earwig Prevention Strategy?

It is really difficult to say because every earwig case is unique in its own way. For example, one earwig infestation could be mild with only a few insects while another infestation is severe with hundreds of insects. So, there are no two earwig infestations that are exactly the same. This is why we approach every new case cautiously. Our exterminators start by inspecting the impacted home from top to bottom to determine the severity of the infestation. From here, we utilized the data collected from the inspection to draw up a custom treatment plan that is guaranteed to deliver 100 percent effectiveness.

What Can I Do To Prevent A Repeat Earwig Infestation After Achieving A Pest-Free Status?

Before a prevention method can be devised, your home must be deemed pest-free by a licensed exterminator. Once you achieve this status, we can start working on your home’s pest barrier to getting it back up to par. We will address the access points, high humidity areas, and leaky plumbing system. Our goal is to make your home as unappealing to the ear as possible.

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