Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentDo you need to quickly remove bedbugs from a confined area? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, bedbugs are a widespread problem that can impact every home in the United States. It is wise to have a plan to tackle the problem so you can be ready for anything. If you’re experiencing problems, you should contact our office and learn more about our conventional treatments. We can effectively eliminate bedbugs by using safe pesticides.

However, precise action is needed to ensure that this procedure is effective. We rely on a recent study performed at Purdue University. The study found that exterminators would need to visit the property several times to eliminate all of the bugs with pesticides. At least two visits are needed, and the exterminator needs to wait several days between each visit. Our company follows this advice to guarantee reliable results.

  • We will visit the client’s home three times
  • We’ll treat the home using conventional treatments during the first two visits
  • For the last visit, we’ll check the home for bedbugs. If any are found, the treatment will be carried out again.
  • We wait 2 or 3 weeks between visits to ensure bedbug eggs have hatched

Our company believes in protecting the client and providing reliable results. Contact us to learn more about our effective conventional bedbug treatments.

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