Exploring Chicago’s Most Popular Tourist Attractions

Thousands of people travel to Chicago each year to sightsee, conduct business and visit the most amazing parks and beaches. There is no doubt that traveling to Chicago is an adventurous trip for all age groups and classes of people. Since there is so much to see in America’s third largest city, visitors must plan in advance to ensure they do not miss a thing. Below, you will discover some of Windy City’s most popular tourist destinations. Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

Shedd Aquarium

Hundreds of families, singles and couples visit the Shedd Aquarium at 1200 South Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The aquarium is home to more than 32,000 marine animals, including fish and crustaceans. General admissions include play zones, aquatic shows and an up-close experience with some of the most amazing aquatic and oceanic life.

Shedd Aquarium is open all year long and tickets are available for adults at $39.95, children between the ages of three and 11 at $29.95 and children under the age of three get in for free.

Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago’s architecture is extraordinary and breathtaking, drawing attention from people around the world. Chicago Architecture Foundation provides tourists with a variety of tours, including walking, biking, trolley, boating and bus. The tour takes participants through the city, which is home to some of the most amazing buildings and structures.

Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach is in close proximity to area hotels and the downtown district. The only downside to the beach is it is typically crowded during the summer months. However, if you go early or later in the afternoon, it is possible to score a private space that you can call your own for hours.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is considered the city’s most famous neighborhoods, as it is located along the south lakefront, The neighborhood has played host for President Barrack Obama, the University of Chicago and White City. It is highly recommended to devote a full day for exploring Hyde Park. This will give you enough time to visit the Museum of Science and Industry, beach and sightsee. You will definitely not want to miss Hyde Park’s Prairie schoolhouses and Victorian mansions.

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo is free to all visitors, thanks to the support of donors, visitors, fund-raising activities, retail shops, food service and members. The zoo is home to some of the most amazing animals, including Goeldi’s Monkeys, African lions, African Painted dogs, Aardvarks, Plains Zebras, Northern Helmeted Curassows, Red and Yellow Barbets and many more.

Lincoln Park Zoo is only minutes from Chicago, so it is easy to access from the public transportation system or vehicle. The animals are housed in environments that are very similar to their natural habitat.


Most of Chicago’s citizens are avid sports fans. With so many sports leagues and teams to choose from, it is hard not to love Chicago sports. The Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs offer some of the most amazing entertainment throughout the year. Aspiring fans will pack the stadiums every chance they get and this is not to even mention visitors who are highly known to travel for hours just to get a glimpse of Chicago’s professional sports players.