We’ve all visited many Chinatowns worldwide, but the one in Chicago, Illinois, is distinctive and the longest-running in America. The United States. As a result of the increasing tensions among races around the 1870s in California, Chinese people came to Chicago, a Midwestern city. The present-day Chinatown was established in 1915, following the many Chinese descendants who moved along the Loop’s southern part. Since then, it has been a place where Chinatown has grown significantly. The Chinese community has had an enormous influence over the neighborhood. Streets are filled with vibrant colors in their restaurants, stores, market, eateries, medical stores, murals, and others.

Things to Do

Learn the History of the Chinese-American Community

Visit The Chinese American Museum of Chicago, located in the same building, the former home of Quong Yick Co., a grocery store. The museum has a range of exhibits for visitors all through the season. One permanent exhibit includes “Great Wall to Great Lakes: Chinese Immigration to the Midwest,” in which visitors will discover the stories that shaped Chinese in the Chinese community and their journey to the Midwest.

Nine Dragon Wall

You’re likely thinking of The Nine Dragon Wall. These stunning walls are typically found in Chinese parks, community spaces, and gardens. This is a replica of the fence found in Beihai Park, Beijing. The green and gold structure makes a stunning backdrop to your next profile picture. Nine Dragon Wall is located at 158 West Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL.

Dragon Boat Racing

A 17-acre area of the park that was once a rail yard was converted into a multi-purpose room filled with lush greenery thanks to Chicago Park District in 1998. The park’s name is a tribute to the well-known community leader and long-time residents of Chinatown residents. Ping Tom Memorial Park includes a fieldhouse, an indoor gym, a pagoda patio, a pool, and many more that offer a breathtaking view of the Chicago River. One of the significant occasions to take advantage of could be Dragon Boat Race which occurs in June. Teams compete on the water. Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago

Wander in Wentworth

If you’re planning to take the opportunity to stroll around and visit various shops, consider taking a stroll through Wentworth Avenue. Exploring the entire area from Cermak Street under the Chinatown Gate is possible, which immediately will3 welcome you to the fantastic neighborhood. When you stroll through the avenue, look around the numerous colorful souvenir shops, the stunning decorations of Pui Tak Center, and dining establishments. Go to the Chinatown Bazaar and grab some things to give back to those who have returned to their home.

If you’re always looking for new and innovative things, Chinatown is the ideal place to experience its unique products and beautiful aesthetics.

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