Flea Control

Why Our Flea Control Services Are Top Of The Line

 Fleas might be one of the smallest insects that you will find in the Chicago area, but they are far from the least amount of trouble. They will attack your pet and make his life miserable. If the situation is not rectified it could eventually lead to the death of your pet. This might be rare, but it is something that has happened before. Flea control isn’t as simple as most people think You need to go well beyond the shampoos and collars. While these things will help, they’re not the definite solution that you are after!

Our Guarantee

Getting rid of fleas can be a little tricky. Nevertheless, our company strongly believes that we’ve mastered it. We are confident that we’ll be able to get rid of the fleas for you. If we fail in our quest, we have put measures in place to protect the client. We guarantee that we’ll remedy the problem no matter what or how long it takes. We’ll treat the house multiple times if necessary! Either way, we’re not going to call it quits until the client is completely satisfied with our work.

You’re Protected

Our company has many priorities. One of the most important is ensuring the client’s safety from start to finish. We actually protect you in numerous ways. The aforementioned guarantee is just one way. We also have comprehensive insurance that will pay you in the event of physical harm or property damage. Our techs are trained, background checked and drug tested. We believe that this allows us to assemble the best team possible. And, we think that it’ll allow us to serve you much better.

Need More Proof?

We’ve worked our entire lives to ensure that we have the right to call ourselves the best flea control service provider in Chicago. We’re confident that we’ve earned that moniker.

  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee and won’t quit early
  • Our prices are right on target and our services are a great value
  • We know how to protect you and your pet
  • We’ll remove the fleas from your property to prevent future problems
  • We’ll consult with you and accept any instructions you offer
  • Free quotes and references are always available to you

Our Team Is Here For You

 Don’t let your flea infestation become unbearable. We are here to offer the professional services and advice that you need. We are willing to offer Chicago residents all this for a completely affordable rate.