The Art Institute of Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is one of the oldest art schools renowned for producing outstanding and highly-qualified artwork by students from all over the United States. Chicago‘s most prestigious art school is home to talented and young artists and an award-winning faculty of the most renowned artists. Students collaborate with the most effective materials and an educational program which allows all students to express their thoughts.

New Adjustments

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois, is committed to ensuring that each student is protected from the risks of COVID-19. After returning to their normal school routine, Students, faculty, and staff must adhere to health and safety guidelines the Institution has established specifically for each vaccination status. These guidelines are followed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chicago Department of Public Health.

For Students

  • Since classes on campus are being taught, every student who would like to attend campus should get a vaccination. This is followed by submitting an official certificate of vaccination at the directions of Health Services.
  • A mask is required according to local, state, and national regulations. Masks must be worn throughout the day, except in a private area.
  • Everyone should wash their hands to reduce the spread of unwanted germs.

For Faculty and Staff

  • Employees are also required to get their vaccination Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago
  • Proper fitted and worn Masks are required and must be complied with by local, state, and national standards.
  • Make sure you know the personnel policy of your department to ensure that you can abide by the rules set out.
  • People who are not vaccinated shouldn’t be told to be barred for a short period from campus or from participating in activities off campus.


At SAIC, There is no obligation to declare the major. It is possible to pursue studies in any subject or department of study. This is a tremendous benefit in learning all techniques without restriction. Students who meet the criteria can apply for financial aid through federal and state government partnerships. Go to this website for more information on the topic.

Life at SAIC

Life on campus at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago isn’t identical to other schools. It is a world-renowned museum of art dedicated to preserving and presenting diverse human stories and cultures across the globe.

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The School of Art Institute of Chicago is located at 36 S Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL.

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